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It's the words that you never want to hear: "You've got cancer". Unfortunately, in our family, this is something that we've heard twice now. My son (age 53) was diagnosed two years ago with stage 4 throat cancer, and I was diagnosed in July with stage 3 ovarian cancer. Although we were both given a discouraging prognosis initially, the miracle of our stories is that we have learned that cancer does not have to be a death sentence, and traditional treatments are made much more humane with the help from the THC & CBD oils from H2C 707.

Two years ago, when my son was diagnosed with cancer, he lived in a state where medical marijuana is not legal. Needless to say, the subsequent treatment period involving traditional therapies (chemotherapy and radiation) was horrific and borderline inhumane. No one should have to suffer as he did. It wasn't until the end (and most difficult) part of his treatment that he was able to try Rhonda Chadwick's THC oil as an additional therapy, which resulted immediately in an increase in the quality of his life and pain management. This was especially helpful when it was time to wean him off the long list of heavy-duty narcotics that his weakened body had become dependent on. Long story short, he made it through and is alive and thriving today!

Fast forward to this last July (2016), when I received my diagnosis of stage 3 ovarian cancer. Given only a 13% chance of survival, I began my battle in July with a major de-bulking surgery that removed 18.5 pounds of fluids and mass from my abdomen. After the surgery, my tumor markers had decreased from the initial 1400 to 450. However, I was still only given a year to live--at best. So I began a regimen of Rhonda's THC and CBD oils, taken three times a day both in capsule and sublingual application, in mid-August. At the beginning of September, I also began chemotherapy. 

I cannot express enough the miracle of the results. I have almost reached the end of my chemotherapy (December), and everyone (including my doctors) have been nothing short of amazed. Not only has the chemotherapy been much more tolerable throughout my whole course of treatment, but my tumor markers were in the normal range (13!) before I had even completed half of my chemotherapy treatments! In addition to these miraculous results, the THC oil helped me to smoothly and easily get off the heavy-duty pain narcotics after my surgery in July. Both oils (THC and CBD) were instrumental in keeping me healthy during my treatment--I had much less discomfort, fatigue, and loss of appetite than anyone expected.

I cannot express enough my immense gratitude to Rhonda and H2C 707 for providing me with the highest quality oils on the market today during this fight for my life. Although I never thought I would be a proponent of marijuana in any form, I have been made a believer. Thank you!

Janet M. - Vacaville

h2c 707 

I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease in 2007. H2C707's specially formulated THC oil has given me significant relief from pain, extreme discomfort, and an often crushing sense of hopelessness. Specifically:

  • It has relieved the dystonia in my legs to the extent that I can actually sit still and ultimately sleep (and stay asleep) when nothing else worked
  • It has greatly eased a number of my most prominent other symptoms: difficulty with balance & walking, the ability to speak normally, and the ability to swallow comfortably (without choking)
  • It has also relieved the stress and anxiety that these symptoms have facilitated

I consider myself to be part of the local, mainstream establishment with 3 university degrees & a long career in public education--so before even considering medical marijuana, I researched & tried everything else I could find (including medications, diet & exercise). However, it has only been with the THC oil from H2C707 that I have experienced dramatic relief.

Peter M. - Solano County